To continue our productive weekend, we decided to head to Yosemite for the day!  Let me tell you, google maps was wrong on the amount of time it took to get there.  Maybe it was the busy weekend, but it was off by about 2 hours!

We arrive to the national park and it was a zoo!  There were so many people there!  Our plan was to go to Glacier Point right away.  Because of the busy weekend, they routed traffic into a large parking lot at a ski resort there.  We had to wait a bit there before heading up the mountain to the point.

I did manage to get a few family pictures at the bottom, but at the point, it snowed.  There wasn’t much of a picture opportunity.  The conditions got a bit nasty and my lens was getting wet.  It was nonetheless a magnificent view.

The waterfalls were flowing like crazy.  There has been so much snow and rain this season that the falls wear roaring.  You might be able to see a few in the background of my pictures.

This trip gave us an idea what to do next time we go.  I’d love to try for more sunset pictures of the area and explore more by hiking around.

Enjoy the pictures.

~Greg Chong

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