We made it.

When we got to the airport and tried to use the self check in kiosks, it said that my wife and I were upgraded to first class! Oh man what a treat, but the excitement was short lived.

Matt was on an award ticket and was not upgraded to first class. Our seats were given up by then.

I had to talk to the gate person who helped me get everything arranged. I said I am glad for the first class upgrade, but I couldn’t leave my son in economy when my wife, Hayley, and I are in first class. In the end I had to give up my first class upgrade and sit in economy. The flight was short.

Baby Hayley liked it when I was listening to my music on my iPhone with my headphones. I let her listen to the same music with one of the white headphones. She kinda started rocking out. She was very cute!

Getting the rental car was a bit of a challenge. I remembered the last time we arrived in Maui back in 2008, I tried to get everyone on the shuttle bus with all the luggage. People were so disrespectful of a line an the order of the line. People saw me struggling with the luggage and knew I was next in line, but yet they still proceeded to board and take up all the luggage storage. This time I have more experience traveling with young children. I grabbed the 2 car seats and made my way onto the shuttle and got the rental car without any trouble. I then proceeded back to the arrivals area to pick up the family and loaded the car.

We made our way to the Kaanapali area to check in. We stopped by the local safeways out near Lahaina. We check in to the south villas and then we were directed to the north villas. When checking in, I asked for a 1 bedroom room instead of the studio they booked us based on the package deal. It was $200 more a night plus taxes. In the end it is a lot more space for baby Hayley to move around and the sleeping arrangements are so much better. Enclosed is a video of the place.

Sunshine and warm weather felt good! Pirate ship swimming pool here we come!

~Greg Chong

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