We made it to Hong Kong without too much incident on the plane.  Both kids were really good and it was nice of other passengers to say our kids were really good on the plane.

Our first morning, we spent getting used to the time zone change.  During the night before, Matthew woke up about every 2 hours and Hayley was a different story all together.  We did roam around the neighborhood from our service apartment to see what was available and what we could eat.  After walking for a short bit, we found a place to each lunch.  They say the chinese food is much better here,  but the non-seafood meals I do eat are about the same.  I would say Hong Kong has a bit of the upper hand.

That evening, we were scheduled to meet up with the Pang sisters and their kids at Bubba Gump Shrimp restaurant at The Peak.  The Peak is the highest point around Hong Kong.  It offers magnificent panoramic views of Hong Kong.  Since we were there for the evening time, I looked west as the sun was setting.  You had to be there.  The sun was red!  I guess that is why the call it “the red sun.”  My pictures didn’t do the red sun justice, but I tried.

It was truly magnificent.  In order to have great sunsets, there sometimes is a need for pollution.  Hong Kong, unfortunately, has that.

When we were almost done with dinner, my wife, Julie, reminded me to go take my night time picture of the view from The Peak.  I had almost forgotten.  It was around 8pm and I remembered that the buildings go through their laser light show.  Unfortunately, it could not be seen from this side of the Hong Kong Island.  If you were to be on the Kowloon side (the part of Hong Kong attached to main land China and across from the Victoria Harbor) you would be able to see it.  The conditions were misty, but warm.

The view is a classic one that people take from the peak.  I tried to get the “V” notch to be in the center, but unfortunately it was impossible.  I would have had to lean my camera outside the railing, but unfortunately it was attached to my tripod.  As referrence, the building with the criss cross light blue lights is the Bank of China building.

Here is what it looks like during the day:

While up on the Terrace taking the pictures you see above, I don’t think I’ve ever since a wide gamut of digital SLR cameras!  Almost everyone had one.  Of course when I pulled out mine, peoples’ eyes widen and bowed to submission!  hahahahaha just kidding.

The only thing that bugs me is that we paid for the tram ride up and down in addition to access to the Terrace, which is the tall look out building.  Because we had gone up onto the Terrace during the sunset hour, and I tried to go up again for some night time photography, the person checking the tickets said I was already up there, like you could only go up on the Terrace once.  Man, what a rip off!  Luckily the lady let me through.

Our next adventure tomorrow is to go to the Hong Kong Disneyland.  There will be a lot of pictures to edit of the kids having a great time.

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