We made a trip to Watford, London where Warner Bros. maintains the studios used to film the infamous Harry Potter movies.

We left early to try to be one of the first groups in for the tour. It is a self guided tour. Thank goodness because there was so much to see as you can tell from the number of photos in this album! We rode the Overground Train and then caught the Harry Potter Warner Bros. double decker bus to the studio. It was very cool to see and truly amazing what they had to do to bring us the 8 movies.

Some of the things they had there I really liked was the portraits of the actors/characters in the entrance hall. See those beginning pictures once inside the place. It was neat to see them in a different scene. The model of Hogwarts was outstanding. It was quite huge. The detail is truly spectacular. Thereafter was the “blueprint” room of the various parts and characters in the films. I can’t believe how much goes into production.

There was a part of the self guided tour where they had those “Green” rooms. Ron Weasley’s blue car was there and there also was some broom sticks that you can get on. They will take your picture and you can buy them later. It was really fun to put on the cloak and go for a witch’s or wizard’s ride! They didn’t allow any photography in the green room, but I wished I could have gotten a picture of us in our cloaks!

If you are ever in London, this is a must go see! There was so much to see, that I have a need to go back and take my time.

Enjoy the photos!


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