About 13 months ago, the new Eastern Span of the SF Bay Bridge was open during Labor Day Weekend.  It is really neat to see.

Since then, the old part is going to be deconstructed over the next 2-3 years, but it will probably be a total of 4-5 years.  I thought it would be cool if I reshot my original picture 13 months ago to document the progress.  I’m planning on putting together a time lapse still photography set together over the next several years until it is all gone.   I tried to get the colors to be the same as well as the crop.  I came pretty close.  The weather is starting to warm up and I remember 13 months ago, the weather was also quite warm/hot and the evenings were quite clear and calm.  The conditions now seem to be the same.  Maybe the perfect opportunity.

Some of the parts of the old eastern span that I liked in my original photograph are now gone.  For example the cool “S” turn, that caused accidents and a death or two, has been removed.  What is cool is now you can see the new part peeking through parts where the old eastern span has been dismantled.  I can’t wait to photograph the day where the entire new span is visible.  D800-013753-NewBayBridge D800_025359-SFBayBridgeEasternSpan



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