Thanks to my patient and friend, Ricky W, he got me tickets to this weekend’s United Airlines event at their SFO maintenance facility. This weekend is supposed to be Fleet Week, but since the wonderful government shutdown, this Fleet Week has been cancelled. Way to go government!

I remember when I was a little boy, my family and I went to SFO and to United’s Maintenance Facility. I remember entering a 767 from the rear to see the new plane and its interior. I remember the seats on the plane for the passengers were still covered in plastic. I also remember cherishing a circular sticker that had a cool cartoon drawing of the new 767. This was back in the day when United Airlines’ color was orange, red, and blue. The logo has changed so much over the years to what it is today, a combination of United and Continental since their merger.

Since Todd and Jon were in town, we all went to the Family Day and had a blast. Since I had an extra ticket, Spencer was available to come as well. Because Todd broke his foot about 2 weeks ago, we had to wheel him around in a wheel chair. Todd does remember when working for Boeing back in the day, they had similar open houses.



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