When it comes to digital media, I am a pack rat.  I save almost everything!  My digital media is taking up too much hard drive space!

I’m following the advice of one photographer, that is friends with Scott Kelby , where he recommends to simply delete the unusable photos immediately and only save the good ones.  I’m trying his method.  The Chongs can be sometimes considered pack rats in one form or another.  For me it is digital media.  I guess it is because the digital media doesn’t really take up any physical space and I don’t physically see it cluttering up my home.  In the end I need to do this for the following reason…

With the recent traumatic and awful global disasters that have affected many countries of late, especially Japan, I have begun to rethink my strategy to protect myself from natural disasters, especially earthquakes.  I guess this all started with the terrible San Bruno gas pipeline explosion and subsequent raging fire.  When a natural disaster strikes, I don’t think there is time for me to get my two children to safety and grab my back up hard drives.  Life is always more important than my digital media.   So how do I protect myself for the ultimate disaster of the bay area, earthquakes?  I believe the only solution is paying for an online backup service.

Doing a search online for what services are out there, I’ve found this link that reviews several companies offering online back up services and ranks them accordingly: Top 10 Online Storage Reviews I’ve taken a look at a few and I am currently trying out several.  The last thing I need is to finally back up 100+ gb of data and then the company goes out of business!  What I’m looking for is the following:

  • the speed of upload,
  • cost per month or year,
  • amount of storage space given for the cost per month,
  • if they offer some type of service to send in an external hard drive instead of painfully uploading 100+ gb of data,
  • an easy drag and drop application as well as some type of comprehensive back up like the Mac’s Time Machine,
  • allowance for a few users where my wife and I can back up to the same account, and
  • the basic fact that I need this company to be in business for many years to come.

My research so far is telling me that there isn’t one company that will do it all for me.  I don’t like the finite storage solutions because I know my picture data will keep on growing.  I do like the unlimited storage options, but then their features and speed are limited.  My search continues. I’m liking Open Drive so far, but they have a finite storage solution.  This is why I am Trimming the Fat!  I am reducing the amount of gb’s my photos are taking so that I can choose a lower finite storage amount.  I want to keep my monthly payment low, but at the same time if I need more storage, it isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.

Overall, I’m looking for the piece of mind that my data is safe, earthquake safe especially, and 12 bucks a month is a small price to pay for that piece of mind.  I urge you to re-evaluate your back up solutions in the event a natural disaster hits your area.

Any suggestions or comments welcome!

Everyone be safe!

-Greg Chong

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