First on the agenda was the Subway hike in Zion National Park. Ken was awarded a last minute lottery permit. In fact, I was awarded one on July 4th and 5th, but couldn’t rearrange the schedule that easily. It probably was 105 F that day and we finally hit the trailhead at 12 noon. We didn’t realize Utah was 1 hour ahead. So we lost an hour. It was a tougher hike compared to last October when the weather was cooler. The river water felt nice and cool. Ken was wearing some new sandals without socks. He unfortunately developed some blisters and cuts on his toes and his heals, and couldn’t walk any further. I then gave him my Keen socks to help protect his feet, which enabled him to make it to the Subway area and back. Luckily, my running shoes were well formed to my feet and luckily I didn’t develop blisters hiking without socks. Unfortunately, we got to the Subway section late and the light didn’t make the tunnel park glow. It was a bit of a let down after hiking so far. In the end, it was about 1 mile / hour to the subway section and then about 40min/mile on the way back.

My goal was to shoot this narrow fissure that had the river flowing through it. The water was also flowing on the sides in addition to the fissure. This photo should be taken during the fall when the leaves of the native trees have changed color from green to yellows and reds. Early November probably would be a better time to go because no permit is required.

There is always next time.


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