On Monday October 21st, Spencer and I headed out to the Left Fork Trailhead to head to the Subway section of Zion National Park. This was one of the biggest highlights of the photography trip. I’m sure you will understand why with the following photos. I was awarded a permit by lottery after applying for several on several days throughout the week we would have been out there. The lottery entry was $5 each and the permit costed $10 for both of us.

The hike is close to 4.5 miles each way or 9 miles round trip. A lot of the hike was criss crossing the river. Toward the end, you cannot avoid getting your feet wet. Because we were worried about how cold the water would be, we rented canyoneering boots and 5mm neoprene socks from Zion Adventures (in Springdale) just in case. We wore our regular hiking shoes for the most part. The hike took us around 3 hours. We started at 11am and didn’t get to the Subway area until about 2 pm. The hike down into the canyon was very steep and the hike out was very tough especially after hiking almost 9 miles for the day. It is about .75 miles almost straight up! The hike back didn’t take us as long because we were still wearing our canyoneering shoes for most of the return and therefore we didn’t care about getting wet. In the end, the water didn’t feel all that cold. We might have been able to hike in our hiking shoes the whole way.

One shot that I couldn’t get was the crack in the ground that the water flowed to from the subway section into the river part. The light started to come over the canyon walls and was now covering the ground that it produced too much of a reflection. I guess I will have to revisit the Subway section. Leaving earlier probably would have been better. I did however try to edit one to make it what I wanted. I just lacks color balance.

Once we got to the Subway section, we got the place to ourselves. Everyone that started earlier than us had finished viewing and experiencing the Subway. We took our time photographing this beautiful part of Zion National Park.

Here are my favorites pictures!


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