I’ve been longing to capture a nice panoramic picture of the SF Bay Bridge. I came close recently, but the hill in the corner of the picture ruined it for me.

Setting out with a friend, Ken A, who really wanted a nice one for himself, we got there with plenty of time and with that time, we got to see where we wanted to set up. We met a nice hispanic guy, Enrique, who was there before us. He was very friendly. He was so nice, that he offered us a ride back to our cars after we had finished shooting the bay bridge. We met his wife and his daughter, who in turn were waiting for him to finish. They were such a nice family. This saved us a trip walking back to our car in the dark. It is risky walking back because the cars come off the freeway fairly fast and they are not really expecting pedestrians walking on the side. I always bring a flashlight or a headlamp so the drivers can see us walking. Enrique really made is safer by giving us a ride with his family back to my car.

In the end I do like what I captured. It never gets old!!!

Looking over at the new Eastern Span, I noticed that they weren’t doing maintenance at the base of the tower. I snapped a few pics before leaving, and here is one I like.



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