Jon and Todd came into town to visit. It has been an annual event in the month of October.

We try to do some photography shooting around the bay area, but mostly in San Francisco. However, this time Todd broke his foot about 2 weeks prior to coming into town and was instructed to not put weight on it by his doctor. He has been limping around with a boot. I did managed to get a wheel chair for him so he wouldn’t have to hobble around at United’s Family Day.

Jon on the other foot, didn’t have any walking issues, but came down with a cold or flu that knocked him out. He could sense that his taste buds were dulling over and the Bullshead burger he was trying to eat wasn’t as satisfactory as previous times.

My two buddies were down for the count. We did manage to get a few pictures during the blue hour of the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge. We did go to United’s Family Day with my whole family and with Spencer too. We had a great time there. I BBQ my filet mignon’s and marinated them for 24 hours. I used the science from a website I found to help me determine how well the meat is cooked inside without having to cut it open to peak thereby loosing all the good juices and moistness of the meat.

The both left early Monday morning.

It was good to see them and hang out with them.


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