With opening of the new Eastern Span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, pedestrians and bicyclists can now cross the Bay Bridge. The engineers and designers of the new eastern span included a path for pedestrians and bicyclists. This is great news! Since the weather has been so nice the last few days, it was a great opportunity to head out and try to bike the path. It was also a great opportunity for me to scope it out and see what potential photographic angles can be achieved. I experimented with black and white photography with a few photographs in this set. I think they look pretty cool. Unfortunately, the area accessible to bikes and pedestrians is only open sunrise to sunset. They will open it 24/7 once it is fully completed and the path goes all the way from Oakland to San Francisco or vice versa.

I have yet to drive on the entire length of the new span. Over the last several days photographing the bridge, I’ve noticed that the traffic is present all the time, and going both ways. I will wait. It was nice to use our own human power to cross some of it, and it was nice for the first time to sort of “walk” across the width of the bay. A new concept that I’m getting used to!

Enjoy these photographs.


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  1. Gregory Chong's Family Blog | The San Francisco Bay Trail

    […] Because the weather was so nice, we set out to bike the path. The parking area was about 1.0-1.5 miles away from the incline of the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge. This meant that poor little Hayley will be tired by the time she gets there. Matthew did well, but he has a cold since yesterday and wasn’t feeling 100%. I rode to the end by myself. I was interested in the views, but the old span was mostly blocking them. Some of the San Francisco skyline could be seen. I snapped some pictures and they can be seen on my BLOG. […]

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