Over the last couple of days, various friends and I made it out to see the new Eastern Span of the SF Bay Bridge contrasted with the old span.

The old span is scheduled to be dismantled. I’d thought I’d capture it before they do and every now and again, head out there to photography the progress.

This area you have to shoot through a cyclone fence that has some holes cut into it so your lens can fit through. All the people we met over the last couple of nights were very friendly and we all took turns shooting through the limited number of holes.

The first time I went out there, my older brother, Kendall, and my cousin, Eric, came out. Eric was trying out his new Nikon D7100. Along with his purchase, I got my Nikkor 70-200mm f/4 for a significant savings of just over 20% off! THANKS, Eric!!! We were shooting well after sunset. It was dark, and the lights of the cars made it a little too bright. In the end, we made the best of it as well as being bitten by mosquitoes a couple of times. Be warned! Here are my results:


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