Because I was curious to see how this bridge might look at sunset, I decided to go back and have a look. My buddy, Andy DLR, came, but my cousin, Spencer, couldn’t go in the end. We got there just in time to find that there wasn’t anyone taking pictures. I had expected more people. A few people stopped shortly after we arrived. One guy had a Suburban and there seemed to be an endless amount of people coming out of his car. We also met a wedding photographer, Patrick Wong. He was nice. After an hour of shooting pictures, the security of the area, kicked us out. They are nice about it.

One of the last times Andy and I went out to this area, it was about May 2011 to shoot my popular SF Bay Bridge picture with the SF city skyline under the western span of the Bay Bridge. It was a terrific blue hour when I captured that photograph. This night, Andy brought back that great blue hour and it turned out to be a great shot.

Here is what the new Eastern Span of the SF Bay Bridge looks like during the blue hour of the sunset. It was nice compared to the night before, where you can now see more detail in the old span and the headlights of the cars weren’t too bright. I did use a circular polarizer to try to increase the shutter speed a little more. In the end it paid off. I did include one photo using the new Nikkor 70-200 f/4 lens. It is sharp. I think it is just as good as the f/2.8 versions, but less weight and has a newer VR mechanics. I even hand held a shot with the following settings: S: 1/20, A: f/4, ISO: 2000, and it came out fairly well.

Enjoy these sunset pictures of the new span.


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