My Seattle buddy, Todd, introduced me to this photograph he wishes to take the next time he is in town. Turns out there is a ship wreck to photography in the North Bay’s back yard. The ship ran into a sandbar and has been there ever since. I’m not sure how long but according to the condition of the boat’s exterior, it seems to have been a long time.

The day my cousin, Spencer, and I were there, there were other people photographing. They weren’t really photographing the boat, but models on the boat. The model photographer was super cool and allowed us to shoot the boat as the sun was setting. There were clouds in the sky over the boat which was cool. There were also clouds in the sky along the path of the setting sun, which wasn’t cool. This made the light flat, but at times, the sun peaked through a opening or break and lighted the SS Point Reyes fairly well. I think we came back with a good shot of it. We didn’t get to stick around until the sun set, but we knew that it would have been amazing because of the clouds in the sky. The model photographer said they were going to shoot for 3 hours. We both wondered what type of light he was going to get. We thanked him for being cool and sharing.

Before we hit the ship wreck, we stopped by the RCA Station. The cool effect is at the end of the cool tree tunnel was the white RCA Station. There wasn’t any one there and we got the place to ourselves for a bit of time. We shot it well before sunset, but wondered how the sunrise picture would look. The picture Todd forwarded to me was taken in the sunrise hour, plus the grass was greener on the sides. The reference photo might have been taken during the spring instead of a dry summer. It is about a 1.5-2.0 hr drive from my home to this location. Waking up at 4am is not quite what I have in mind at this time. Sometime in the future it might be worth it. For now here it is.


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