I received an email from Apple tonight that my iPad2 that I ordered the night of its release back on March 11th will arrive next week in time for my upcoming international trip.  The original email said I would be receiving it by April 6th–just a day late.  I wasn’t getting my hopes up, and would have canceled my order next week.  The day of the release, I did go try to seek one out, but by the time I got off work, they were long sold out at multiple locations.  So, Yippee!

This is great news and I guess a little reward for my long and tiring week of work.  I’ve been thankfully busy even in this tough economic time.  My patients have been truly good to me and I appreciate them very much.

The iPad2 will arrive in just enough time for me to load Matthew’s cartoon videos.  He’s very into Chugginton.  Daddy thought the intro song said Chugging Town.  Of course my son is very good at listening and he is able to repeat what I say.  Mummy had a difficult time trying to get Matthew to say it correctly.  After Matthew has been watching the same episode over and over again, he’s finally got it correct!

Thanks Uncle Craig, Mei-Yee, Ethan, and Leah for all my Chuggington playsets and trains.

Dang!  I gotta go.  I have to take out the trash!  Of course, it is raining hard now!

-Greg Chong

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