The Seattle Guys, Jon and Todd, I met about a year ago at the Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park, came into town to visit. Of course, the main goal was to take some pictures around San Francisco and have some good eating.

On the agenda was Marshall Beach, Thread the Needle, Slacker Hill, and shooting the Golden Gate Bridge, from what I call, End on End from the Marin (North) side shooting south. We managed to do it all.

MARSHALL BEACH October 27, 2012 Sunset

The first evening we couldn’t decide which to sunset location to shoot. We decided to try to make our way to Bonita Point Lighthouse. On our way up the hill we stopped to take a few classic shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. Looking across the way, I saw that Marshall Beach was under low tide because you can actually see the brown sandy beach! I remember checking the low tide schedule earlier in the month of October, but the schedule didn’t show the weekend the guys were in town. Turns out low tide was at 5pm and sunset was close to 7pm. We then decided Marshall Beach will be much better than the lighthouse, and we booked down the hill to cross the bridge.

On the other side, we managed to find a parking space. We parked and made the steep hike down to Marshall Beach. The last time I was there with my cousin, Spencer. The tide was high and we were on top of a rock. Because it was low tide, there were many more rocks visible, and managed to get on top of one after figuring out the composition we wanted. The sunset was decent and I got the reflection of the Golden Gate Bridge I wanted on the floor. I am going with a different picture size. This is a square size so I can get all the reflection. I’m going away from my panoramic type size on this one.

Ok, I can’t get away from my panoramic size:

Which one do you prefer? It is a tough call for me, but I think the square image is more interesting in terms of the sizing. It is more versatile and can go on any size wall.



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