With the Holidays almost part us, there are a few pictures I wanted to get before the holidays ended. The Trans America building has a bright white light on top that is lit until about midnight each night. I’m not quite sure when they turn it on for the holidays, but I’m assuming since Thanksgiving.

My cousin, Spencer, took a nice picture of the San Francisco Skyline the last time we were visiting my uncle and aunt. We tried to mount it on the back side of a piece of acrylic, but unfortunately, we rolled it on crooked and messed the whole process including the print. He will be getting another one soon. It was a nice afternoon picture when the sun was lighting up the buildings of downtown including the Trans America building. I managed to capture my own. This was 3 picture stitched together. I was using my 70-200 f/4 lens at about 70mm. Really Right Stuff didn’t have any nodal point calculations so I just went with the settings based on a 24-70mm lens at 50mm, which was 2.9cm. Photoshop managed to stitch them together fine. Phew. Here it is:

We have been having some unusually warm and dry weather. The winds were very calm until the sun set. Pollution levels were at unhealthy levels. We’ve had many spare the air days, more than the summer it would seem. All this added up to a wonderful, beautiful, and colorful sunset. It seemed to last forever. Since we were shooting east, we had to shoot west for the sunset. One of the iconic structures in San Francisco is Sutro Tower. In the following picture, it was in silhouete against the ever lasting sunset colors.

We were hoping that the Trans America building would light its white star, but 6pm rolled around, roughly 1 hour after sunset, and just the boring red light was on. We gave up thinking we would have to wait another whole year. We then were treated to dinner by my uncle and aunt.

Will we have to wait until next year? Or maybe not?

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