My family and I took a spring break trip down to San Diego. One of the pictures I saw on the internet that I really liked was a photograph from under the Scripps Pier near UCSD. UCSD was the college I went to back in the day. At that time photography wasn’t an interest of mine. I wish it had, but back in those days, digital cameras were not made and sold. It was point and shoot film cameras.

I met some nice people who were photographing the pier. One guy was poking fun at me and asked my why I didn’t buy the Really Right Stuff tripod. I had all the rest, but not the tripod. I had to think for a second or two, but replied that I don’t think Really Right Stuff released their tripod line until after I had bought my Gitzo. Another guy was there to shoot the sunset and then he was going to be done. He was shooting a video that he was going to post on his website to be dynamic as people look at homes for sale. He was a real estate broker.

The first evening I went out, I wasn’t prepared. I took off my shoes to walk in the sand. I didn’t mind that, but because my feet were exposed and after the sun set, there were bugs that were biting my legs. I hate bugs! The second night, I was more prepared and wore my flipflops. The bugs didn’t get me that night!


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