I arrived quite late to Seattle due to a delayed flight/airplane from Mexico via Alaska Air. Todd was nice enough to pick me up. It was planned that we would then drive out to Jon’s place in Shelton. We arrived around 1:30am or so and went to bed around 3:00am.

The next morning, we decided to make the drive to the peninsula. Not the Bay Area Peninsula where I live, but the Olympic National Park Peninsula.

Ruby Beach was on the way to Rialto Beach. We decided to stop off and snap a few pictures. It was spitting out. You can barely see the Seascapes out just off shore.

After leaving Ruby Beach, we made our way further up the coast to Rialto Beach. The whole coast line was covered in fog and cloud cover.

We arrived in a parking lot and the beach was right there. The place had some nice park benches. The area was spitting but not quite raining. We did try to hike north along the beach to look for the classic seascape structures

One more pic I took trying to be creative given the “even” light.


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