After leaving Hoh Rain Forest and enjoying it very much and making our way back to Shelton, we decided to stop by Ruby Beach one more time because we did see the sun popping out through the clouds. We were getting excited because we wanted to make some natural Vitamin D!

We got there in time for sunset. The tide did look higher and the make shift log bridge had washed away. Jon braved it and wasn’t afraid to get wet and crossed it. Todd stayed back. I decided to shoot the lagoon that was created by waves washing all the way on shore.

I found a nice log in the foreground. I had the seascapes in the background and the lagoon in the middle. I thought it probably look nice. As I was patiently waiting, a group of 4 young girls came up. The temptation was to throw rocks into the lagoon and try to skip them. At that moment, the sun was setting and the lagoon was absolutely still, or as still as it was going to get. I asked them not to throw rocks into the lagoon. Their mother just showed up and gave me a dirty look. She then had the audacity to walk in front of my camera. Where I set up, there was about 2-3 feet of shoreline before the water. She was using a Canon 5DM2. Someone who owns this camera should have the courtesy to not walk in front of my camera and have some respect to those that had arrived well before she did. I told my story to Jon and Todd, also Canon users, and said a Nikon guy can’t get any respect, even with 36MP!!! We laughed.

I came away with this shot. It made the cloudy weekend all worth it! I hope you like it as well!


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