One of the great pictures I recently wanted and fell in love with is a picture of the Japanese Maple Tree in the Portland Japanese Garden. It is a subject that is photographed to death, but luckily it is a thriving tree and it bounces back to life around this time of year. Because it is the fall, I was hoping the color of the tree will be ideal for fall folliage. It is a tough thing to predict, mother nature, but we planned the trip when the airfare was cheaper. Unfortunately, the weather forcast was rain all weekend. I didn’t get my hopes up.

On Sunday morning, Matthew and I went to the garden and entered, while Julie and Hayley waited in the car. It is truly a beautiful garden. I met some really nice photographers. When I got to the famous Japanese maple tree, one guy asked right away if I shoot Nikon or Canon. I told him Nikon. His next question was, “do you have a 14-24mm len I could borrow?” I suspiciously said yes. He showed me his and there was a little condensation that developed inside. He knew it wouldn’t give him a good picture. He thanked me a lot. Turns out he’s from San Francisco area, or Redwood City. We exchanged information. His name was Maz, and he was there with his brother that lives in Portland area. There were a lot of nice people there too including, an Eric, who was shooting Nikon, as well as Jerry B., who had his camera out this time! We all were very friendly. Matthew made them all laugh. It was a good bunch and we shared the tree. Then it was shot to death!

I think I came away with a really good picture of it. I am proud of it. Thanks to the patience of my wife, Julie, and my daughter, Hayley; without their patience, I don’t think I would have gotten this picture I really like.

If you ever thought about this tree and also thought that too many people have taken pictures of it (or shot it to death), I have to say it is a neat little tree. I wanted to capture this tree for myself and the challenge of capturing it myself is super rewarding, even though everyone has this picture. It is for a good reason.


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