Because Jon G was in town, we decided to try to do something in the morning. However, the lower cloud cover in the morning made the sunrise colors non-existent.

I was showing Jon the night before a picture that might look cool in the morning with the lower cloud cover. I took this very same picture with another friend of mine, Andy DLR, back on August 23, 2009. I got the idea from Peter Lik’s photo he took of the area. I think he used some type of filter in his picture to make the whole picture have a blue tone to it. In the end, I made mine a black and white picture. I used to have this picture up as a banner on this very same blog a little bit ago.

Here is the original:

The only thing I don’t like about this picture is that there are some fishermen in the corner of the pier. I do like that I did capture a large cargo ship in the background under the San Francisco Bay Bridge. One of my dental colleagues really liked this picture. I delivered the print to him while he was living in Arizona, but he has since moved to the bay area and has set up a new dental practice with his wife. He has yet to frame the picture and hang it up in his office. I feel very privileged!

Here is the one I got when Jon and I went out in the morning. It is cleaner. It has 3 times the number of megapixels compared to my old D700. I pretty much duplicated the settings with my new camera body. There were no fishermen this morning nor were there any big cargo ships heading into port. I did, however, capture a commuter boat!



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