The trip was a week long to the southwest. My cousin, Spencer, managed to come along. The trip was in jeopardy all the way up to a few days before we left. The U.S. Government couldn’t get its act together to put together the budget and all the national parks closed. In the end, the governmental parties conceded and the national parks opened up for business once again. Not a proud moment in U.S. history.

The itinerary was as follows:

Saturday, October 19: Fly to Las Vegas and drive out to Zion National Park. We stayed in Hurricane, UT because some of the photographic opportunities were located on the west side of Zion National Park.

Sunday, October 20: For the morning we drove out to Kanarraville to hike along side and in Kanarra Creek. For the evening, we entered into Zion National Park and hiked up Angel’s Landing.

Monday, October 21: The Subway from bottom up. This hike required a permit.

Tuesday, October 22: Antelope Slot Canyons near Page, AZ.

Wednesday, October 23: House on Fire located off Highway 95 west of Blanding, UT.

Thursday, October 24: Monument Valley.

Friday, October 25: Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

Saturday October 26: Mesa Arch Sunrise and then back to Las Vegas to fly home.

It was quite a long trip, but super fun. The hikes were sometimes very challenging and tiring. Enjoy the pictures in the following posts.


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  1. Jim Erickson

    Hello Gregory,

    Happy to say that I got to be part of your travels as we met at Mesa Arch. I have visited several of the ‘ancient peoples’ locations on Cedar Mesa and House on Fire is one of my favorites. Most House of Fire photos I see posted, to me, are way over the top HDR with the roof looking almost abstract like.

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