I finally selected for the next 4 years an online backup company/solution.  I chose Crash Plan It has gotten several good reviews.  The main features I ended up making most of my decision were:

  • Low cost: it is costing me $6 per month for the next 4 years
  • Multiple computers can back up under one account.   Most solutions only offer one computer per account.
  • Speed
  • A “seeding” solution: this is where Crash Plan will send me a 1TB external hard drive, I load all my data onto it, and send it back.  Of course, there is a fee for this service, but at least my data will be backed up quickly instead of me having to try to upload 300 GB of data!
  • The ability to choose which folders are backed up instead of the whole computer
  • Security.

Of the ones I tried, which included Carbonite, Open Drive, and Back Blaze, Crash Plan just seemed to fit the bill.  I’m feeling much more secure than before.  Now working on Life Insurance and Earthquake Insurance to really squash my paranoia to nothing!

-Greg Chong

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