After leaving the House on Fire area by about 11am, we made our way to Monument Valley, and down that twisty gravel road, Highway 261.

We stayed at the View Hotel, which is the only hotel in Monument Valley. It is relatively new. Our room wasn’t ready, so to kill time we did the 17 mile loop to look at the monuments.

The 17 mile loop road was unpaved. Cars can make it, but is very rough in spots. Spencer was helping me point out which monument was where and what they were called. At one point we were driving the wrong way! it is sometimes difficult to decipher which is the correct direction. Sometimes, I just cannot decipher the name and how the structure looks. In the end, it was such a nice sight to see.

I secured the photo guide to shoot the Totem Pole in the sunrise hour. Carlos of Monument Valley.com said our guide was going to be Ray. There was a Navajo Indian guy in the lobby of the hotel that was on his cell phone and I overheard him say his name was Ray. I went up to him to introduce myself and asked if he is the same Ray that would be leading us on our tour. He was. He said to meet in the lobby 1 hour before sunrise and we would then go. He also suggested to head over to a particular area to shoot the Mittens during sunset. In the end we did.

The sunset was only so so. After the sun set, the sky did explode but in the wrong direction of the mittens (west). After that happened, the mittens view was experiencing a very blue hour. We ran across the road to shoot the mittens again.

Here are the shots of that sunset:


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