I have an upcoming photography trip to Moab, UT to take some landscape pictures.

The photographer that has motivated me to continue to strive for the next picture, Peter Lik, Master Photographer, has taken some awesome pictures in this area. There are 2 major national parks near Moab, UT that I will be going to as did Peter Lik.

The first of the two is Arches National Park. There are several arches within this national park that are spectacular. Some are a little hike from the parking lot, others are right off a parking lot. They are very popular. The main arch I am looking to take some pictures of is Delicate Arch. This arch is taken during the sunset hour. I’ve gotten some good starting compositions in mind after viewing some really nice ones on Flickr. Stay tuned with what I get.

The second national park is Canyonlands National Park. In this national park is the Mesa Arch and the False Kiva. The Mesa Arch will be taken during the sunrise hour and False Kiva is a sunset picture. False Kiva is a Class II archeological site and directions can be obtained from the Park Rangers at the Ranger’s Station. The actual location is not on any map nor is the trail. After doing some research and emailing a few people who’ve been there before, I believe I’ve narrowed its location. I will need a gps unit to help guide me to and from because I will be leaving False Kiva at night time.

These two national parks are located in the desert. It is expected that day time temperatures will be 100 degrees F and maybe a 50 degree swing at night. I have to make sure I take enough water with me for my hikes. I do have protective clothing and a brimmed hat.

My trip is in a few weeks. I am looking forward to an adventure. Stay tuned with pictures of my trip. Fingers crossed that I achieve my next great picture or pictures to share!

~Greg Chong

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