I know they say that when a family has a second child there are less pictures of that child.  I would have to agree.  I know now why some of this is true for my family and especially my second child, my daughter, Hayley.

Raising one child allowed at least one parent to do other tasks, and in my case take pictures.  When my daughter was born, I helped take care of my first child, my son Matthew.  My wife tended to the needs of my newborn daughter.  While I was out stimulating my son’s active mind and body (on Muni), my wife was home with my daughter.  My camera and myself could only be at one place at a time.  Every time I wanted to take some pictures of my daughter, and of course the light was just right, it was time for one of her numerous naps.  There goes that opportunity.  Of course there are more opportunities, but just like sunset photography where the sun doesn’t stop setting,  she doesn’t stop growing.  So, there are times where I don’t have any pictures of her during some milestones of her growth.

As she is a bit older now, my daughter Hayley, is up for a bit longer so I am beginning to get the opportunities to take more pictures of her.  She is quite cute and you can get her to smile pretty easily.  We are fortunate that she is a very happy baby.  My wife and I could not ask for more!  I can already see it in the future…daddy will melt and cave in to her cute smile. At the time of this writing, Hayley is 8.5 months old.

Enjoy these pictures.

-Greg Chong


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  1. Julie Pang

    That was a lovely day, one of those rare San Francisco days that remained relatively warm and sunny. It was a fun day out for the family, and nice for Hayley to actually get to take part in instead of being stuck at home. Well worth her missing one morning nap for!!!

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