We signed up Matt for his first swim classes at the Jewish Community Center in Foster City.  Today was his first class!  His classes will be every Sunday.

At the community center, there was an outdoor pool and an indoor pool.  It seems like the indoor pool was used mostly for children.  It seemed to be a well run out fit and the safety of my child was their utmost importance (as you can see the life guard sitting in the chair…j/k it was very safe!)

We gave him his first pair of swim goggles.  He couldn’t wait for me to take it out of the packaging.  He wore it almost the whole time he was there at the center.

He eventually had a good time.  He’s always been a little afraid of the water, but after seeing the other children have fun, he started to relax and have a good time.  He felt comfortable with the instructors.  It was nice that the center allows people to take pictures.  I really hate those locations that do not let me take pictures of my child.  I guess they suspect every photographer is a child abuser.

Enjoy the pictures I managed to get of him.


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