WOW! I cannot believe my little boy is turning 3. His actual birthday is in April, but we are celebrating early because we won’t be in town for his actual birthday.

For a few weeks leading up to his little birthday party, he kept asking if he was going to have a Burth-day Parhty (in a British accent)! Julie had ordered some birthday supplies from a catalog that showcased many different birthday party themes including Cars, Toy Story 3, Super Mario Brothers, and YO GABBA GABBA. He kept asking me, “Whatsths his name?” (pointing to a Yo Gabba Gabba character with one eye). “Is he a bad gwuy?” Poor daddy didn’t know who these Yo Gabba Gabba dudes were.

I’m sure he’s been dreaming of his birthday party all the way up to the event! His birthday party was at the Little Gym in Belmont on Saturday, March 19th. The theme was Pixar’s Cars. He loves Lightning McQueen and Mator! He loves them so much, he has a set of Lightning McQueen underpants as well as a Tormentor underpants. Tormentor is Mator as a monster truck size wrestler, a monster truck size Nacho Libre if you will. His companion is Frightening McMan.  I digress.

There was a lot of tumbling, rolling around, jumping, and “walking” on balancing beams! 

It was a load of fun having a bunch of friends and families there with their young kids.

I know Matthew had a great time, due to how sweaty he was at the end!

His birthday cake:

Thank you all for coming out and celebrating my little boy’s 3rd birthday.  Thanks to my wife, Julie, for handling all the arrangements.  The party turned out awesome.

-Greg Chong

Part II has all the pictures in a slideshow.

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