Checking the tide charts, it looked like the lowest tide was going to be at 8:40pm when sunset was at 8:30pm. The weather has been a bit humid and there have been some really high clouds in the sky that I knew would color up when the sun would set. We decided to head to Marshall Beach to capture the wonderful Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. Ken Altmann came and he invited Greg J. The weather all day was cloudy and the chances of it clearing by sunset looked slim. It seems lately that bad weather or weather that isn’t cooperating to allow us to take pictures was striking again.

We met in the parking lot near the GGB toll booths. Greg J seemed to have parked further away. When Ken and I arrived, Ken said Greg J was already down there. We set out. It was an easy hike down, although a little slippery due to loose rocks. Greg J wasn’t at the same location. Turns out he was more toward Baker Beach than Marshall Beach. Eventually, he showed up and shot. Unfortunately, the sun had already set and the color faded fast.

Somehow the weather had cleared just enough for us to begin photographing the scene. We tried to follow Scott Kelby’s rule when walking up to the scene to not take the tripod out too soon. Scope it out off tripod to find the right spot and therefore the right composition. We did just that.

The high clouds did light up wonderfully over the GGB. In the distance over the Marin Headlands side, there was a fog stream rolling in. Luckily the fog stayed away from clouding up the GGB too much. Ken was looking for a milky wave look and not a nice reflection of the GGB due to thinning water over the sand. He wore convertible pants and took off the leggings. He set up shop right in the water. Man! I was trying to stay dry and stand on top of one of the rocks, but in the end, I rolled up my jeans knee high and went in. I did get fairly wet because what was supposed to be low tide, seemed like high tide. Ken said he thinks he got one in the tin and I did too.

All 3 of us hiked out. It was a good evening.


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