On our drive to Toroweap area from Kanarraville, UT, we noticed the clouds were increasing, and rainfall could be seen in the distance. The weather reports we mentioning 30% chance of rain and thunderstorms. We decided not to go and headed onto Page, AZ for the slot canyons. We managed to change our hotel stay at the Comfort Inn in Page, AZ as we were driving to Page. We arrived in Page in the afternoon/evening. We regrouped and discussed what to do. We decided to try to shoot Horseshoe Bend for sunrise even though the cloud cover was down to the horizon. Ken edited a few pictures, but I didn’t really have many pictures to edit. At this point of the photography trip, I only had about 30 pictures taken.

We woke up for sunrise and headed out to Horseshoe Bend. We did the simple hike to it. We noticed in the observation hut that someone set up a hammock. It looked like there were two people in the hammock. Ballsy to stay there. There were people at the location already, but there wasn’t any serious photographers with tripods set up. Ken then managed to get the best spot to photograph–dead center. I was on his left. There was some cloud cover in the direction of the rising sun, but there was a small gap between the horizon the the bottom edge of the cloud cover for the sun to shine through. It did, but not enough to light the whole depth of Horseshoe Bend. The light then went flat as the sun rose higher behind cloud cover. I then decided to shoot some of the clouds to see and experiment with adding a sky into a photography. I wanted to see how hard or difficult it might have been to do so. Ken caught me photographing the clouds after he was done shooting the the bend. It was like I was doing something illegal. We laughed. There was another couple there where the husband was the photographer. His wife mentioned to Ken that the clouds should burn off. We started to get excited at the same time skeptical based on the events so far. We decided to head to the slots early. They open at 8am, but we got there around 8:30am.

The Lower Antelope Slot Canyon parking lot was getting full at 8:30am in the morning. Instead of one structure to pay, there were two, but they had different names. Ken’s Tours is the original, but then there was another. Things have changed a lot since October 2013. We stopped and paid at the Ken’s booth, from what I remember from October. It was $50 including permit for 2 hours and a photographer’s pass. The upper was $80 and only offered the photographer’s tour at 11am. They now have a website for more information and possibly pricing. The Navajo tour guide led us into the slots, but we walked to what I called the end and then once inside we walked toward the beginning and exited. I instructed Ken a bit, but it was up to him to compose his photographs. I got low to the ground and managed to capture an image that I am quite proud of. The trip was looking more up and up! We walked away happy thinking we got at least one photograph “in the tin!” After we left the Lower Slot Canyons, we cleaned up at the hotel and then went to eat lunch. We stopped by a Texas BBQ in town. Ken said the ribs were good. My pork hamburger didn’t have much meat taste, but the BBQ sauce helped with that. We then made our way to Bryce Canyon National Park.

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