The shave ice guy at Breakwall in Lahaina gave me a great tip to go to Kahana Beach, which means Kite Beach in Hawaiian. Thank goodness because the beach I was planning on going to was another 30 minutes down the road. This beach is located behind the main Maui Airport and behind the rental car locations. There was a nice parking lot and plenty of street parking.

I wanted to give the Nikkor 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 lens a run for its money. I knew the kite surfers were going to be some distance away and most likely needed the 400mm length on my D800. I used my tripod with my ball head a bit loose so I can pan with the surfers. I set up the camera under A mode and kept the f stop as low as possible. The ISO was any where from 320-400. The images at 100% crop looked a little grainy. I was betting on the fact that it was well sunny and plenty of light. It was hard to keep the focus on the kite surfers. It wasn’t due to the lens itself, it was the D800. In the end I used spot focus point and had to pan with the movement of the surfer. There were a lot of misses vs keepers. Enclosed are several that I did get. I hope you enjoy it.

This lens is definitely expensive at $2700, but I’m thinking with such a range and how good the VR is, it might be worth the buy in the end. Still thinking!

I definitely want to go back and give it another try. I asked my son, Matthew, if he would like to go and take some pictures too. He sounded excited. The beach was beautiful and those kite surfers make it look so easy. Maybe one day he and I will be kite surfing along with Hayley too!

These are for you, Ricky W.!

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