The next day was July 4th. We decided to do Kanarra Creek in Kanarraville, UT. When we arrived in town around 9:30am, we noticed people were parked on the side of the main road through town. When we turned down one of the streets, we saw the parade party lining up. I guess they were going to have a 4th of July Parade down the main street. We got to the parking lot at the trailhead of Kanarra Creek and noticed that the parking lot as well as the extended parking lot was quite full. It was busy. Everyone was off on the 4th of July. We set off onto the hike and it was crowded. We got to the first ladder and there were even more people. I didn’t get even one shot. Ken managed to get a decent one, but by the time we were shooting and people allowed us to photograph a couple of pictures, the light was creating hot spots on the floor/river as well as the side walls making it a no shot. We decided to hike up the river a bit looking for the next ladder, but didn’t see it. We turned around and headed back to the car because we were thinking we were going to make the drive to Toroweap. I brought with me my 6.5mm thick neoprene booties. They did help. The river water was still a little cold and when we were just standing around, it was colder. Hiking to the first ladder with running shoes was fine, until I was just standing around.

Here is the picture I got back in October 2013. Ken really wanted to have one of his own.

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