From Bryce Canyon National Park, I drove back to Hurricane, UT so Ken could rest a bit and he also wanted to edit his photos on the drive. The route I chose on Google Maps was to go through Zion National Park. It was a good choice because Ken got to see a different part of Zion National Park from the Subway area. This route led us though the one way tunnel. Very cool. We arrived shortly into Hurricane around 1:30 pm. It was too early to check into the hotel so, we decided to hit up the DQ (Dairy Queen). He had the mint Oreo Freeze, and I had the regular Oreo Freeze. Hmm good. It was 105F outside again and it was nice to cool off inside. We brought our laptops into DQ, used their free Wifi, and hung out editing for about a couple hours. We were going to possibly hike half way up Angel’s Landing, but the weather was making us not very motivated to do so. Later on, storm clouds formed and it was quite windy. It was good we decided not to do that hike. In the end, we edited pictures from about 1:30pm all the way until 11pm! It was a good editing session that I needed. Ken and I helped each other out using new luminosity masking skills we were learning. We both were struggling with our slot canyon pictures and left feeling not quite satisfied. The plan tomorrow morning was to hit up Kanarra Creek before heading back to Vegas.

On Monday, July 7th, we set out early to go back to Kanarraville, UT to get Ken a better picture. We decided to get there around 8:30am. It was quicker than the Subway hike. We arrived to the parking lot and it was empty! Thank goodness. We paid our $10 bucks, and I had a pen this time. The hike only took us about 40-50 minutes for 1.5 miles when We arrived at the first ladder around 9:20 am. We had the whole place to ourselves for about 1.5 hours until the first hiker and his son arrived. I tried to take pictures of the make shift ladder from different angles. Ken and I got the pictures we were looking for. “It was in the tin!” We hiked back with that father and his son for most of the hike back. We cleaned up at the car and headed back to the hotel.

Luckily Ken got the front desk to allow us to check out late. 1pm late. It gave us enough time to pack and clean up before making the drive to Las Vegas. We hit the road around 1pm and stopped off in St. George, UT where Ken was craving an In N Out burger. I ordered a couple extra for the plane ride home. I drove back to Las Vegas. Ken was going to edit some of the pictures he just took, but the glare off the screen made it so he couldn’t see very well. He wanted to make sure he gave it a proper time editing those pictures. We made it back to Las Vegas in good time. Filled the car up with gas and dropped it off. I forgot my 2 extra burgers in the back seat along with a 4 pack of gatorade. Oh well. We arrived early to the airport and we started to edit our Kanarra Creek photos. After I was satisfied with the ones I took, I started to see what I could do with my slot canyon pictures. I whipped out my Wacom tablet and started to work at it. I had the mentality I was using a paint brush to create the colors of the photo. Ken absolutely fell in love with the various colors. He said this might be the best shot I took all week. It gave me more encouragement to process it further. In the end, I edited the photograph in Lightroom almost exclusively. I did do a little bit of photoshopping in the end to clone out some weird halos. I am very happy with it. So happy, that I will most likely print it out big and facemount it to acrylic. I think this is the best picture of the trip for me. It has been getting a large number of likes on 500px! My phone alerts have been going off the hook for 24 hours! It is by far the highest rating one of my photos has ever gotten. Ken gave me great praises. Thanks!

Thanks for looking and reading about the adventures of our July 2014 Utah photography trip.


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