Today, Santa the FedEx Delivery man delivered my new toy!

I happened to check the tracking status of my new toy.  With the initial estimated delivery date of March the 30th, I thought I might check the status of the delivery just in case.  When I checked it on Sunday the 27th, it said the package came from China and was flown all they way to Memphis, TN where FedEx has a major sorting facility.  I wondered why did it go all the way to Memphis, TN when SFO is closer to China???  I will never know.  To my suprise this morning, the delivery date move up to TODAY by 4:30pm PST!!!  This had gotten me quite excited.

My family went out to head to Fry’s Electronics to go buy a voltage converter for our upcoming trip to Hong Kong.  We needed this little device to help charge our Oral B electric toothbrushes (BTW, Oral B ETB’s are far superior to the Sonicare and a manual toothbrush).  I remember when we traveled to London for my brother-in-law’s wedding back in September 2009, Julie plugged in the U.S. Oral B ETB charging stand into the wall and there was a pop.  I can’t recall if there was smoke, but I think there might have been a little.  That charger was trashed.  Luckily, Julie had bought a U.K version long time ago and we were able to charge our electric toothbrushes at the Pang family home.  This time, we are heading to Hong Kong prepared for everything electrical and this mistake won’t happen again.  My sister-in-law, Susan, phoned Julie just as we were leaving and after telling her we were at Fry’s buying some plug adapters and such, she needed some too.  I ran back in and bought what she needed.

After picking up some awesome chicken wraps from Tandoori Oven in Palo Alto, we had to rush back home to put baby Hayley down for her nap.  When I had just gotten off the freeway to head down my hill, a Fed Ex truck was stopped at a stop sign ready to make a right hand turn down my hill after I had passed the intersection.  I said, “I bet that is the FedEx truck that has my new toy.”  I raced down the hill and pulled into my drive way.  Seconds later the Fed Ex truck stopped across the street.  The delivery man got out of his truck and proceeded to cross the street with a small rectangular package.  He said, “This must be your lucky day!”  The FedEx delivery guy knew exactly what was in the brown box.  He said that a lot of people up in the San Mateo Highlands were getting similar packages too, but it was only the magnetic covers.  Ha Ha!  I said, “it must be Christmas!  Thank you!!!”  He stayed to chat for a bit and I explained him that I had ordered my toy that evening when I couldn’t find it in various stores.  Again he said, “you’re lucky!”

What is my new toy?  It is my iPad 2: 64 gb wifi + 3g. It must be Christmas!

The unboxing:

I’ve already started to customize it and started to add my apps in.  It is nice that if you had bought an app on the iPhone, you can simply add the iPad version for free without having to buy the app again!  Awesome!  The only downside is that some iPhone apps are made for the screen size of the iPhone and trying to “port” it over to the iPad results in a very small window.  For instance, the facebook app was only written for the screen size of an iPhone and not the screen size of the iPad.  When using the facebook app on the iPad, the size of the screen mimics the dimensions of an iPhone screen.  What a waste of the beautiful retinal display.  One only hopes that the people at Facebook.com, Inc. make an iPad version.

The retinal display is so nice.  I thought my iPhone retinal display was nice, this is a whole ‘nother level!  I think it has to do with how big the screen is.

I’m planning on using it when on vacation…well mostly my wife might be using it.  One of the reasons I got this iPad 2 is because I wanted to trim some weight while we travel as a family.  I usually have to bring my 5 lb MacBook Pro for photo edited amongst other reasons.  My wife, who does email, iPhoto, and surfs the internet, could use this iPad instead of her 5 lb MacBook.  This way when I have to carry the computer equipment, I can save my back!!!  With the iPad being so much thinner than her MacBook, my laptop bag won’t be so thick.  I’m looking forward to being a little lighter, more nimble, and my back will be very thankful!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement!  I’ll try to post further reviews.

-Greg Chong

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  1. Julie Pang

    Well, thanks for letting me use your little toy on our upcoming vacations. But it sounds like you are having so much more fun with the iPad2 than I ever will, the excitement you exhibited today just makes me want to laugh… I just don’t get it!!!!

    I’m glad Xmas came early for you this year and you got the iPad you’ve been hungering for since the iPad first came out. Aren’t you glad you waited for this version to come out before parting with your hard earned cash????????

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