Ken and I got together to shoot something. We couldn’t decide on what to shoot.

Some choices were:
1. Painted Ladies: Unfortunately, two of the homes were under construction or were getting a fresh coat of paint.
2. Golden Gate Bridge from Chrissy Field.
3. Palace of Fine Arts
4. The Bay Bridge from the Embarcadero.

In the end we did #2-#4! The Golden Gate Bridge pictures didn’t turn out all the great. We were going to try different shooting styles, including bracketing. The sun was setting around 8:32pm around the anchor area of the San Francisco side of the bridge. It did produce a nice even orange glow.

We turned around and saw that the moon was huge! We moved positions to the pier near by. We shot the moon with some disappointment. The moon is never big enough in the view finder and in the picture in the end. The reason being is because we don’t have a 500mm lens! Moon photography is very difficult. So far, I’d say a lot of the moon pictures are fake. I’ll change my tune if proven otherwise. I have yet to figure out how people photograph it perfectly.

After that, we zoomed over to the Palace of Fine Arts. Surprisingly, there were no other photographers there. There was a breeze which made the water a little blurry, but the sky had a wonderful rich blue color. Part of the Palace on the left was not lighted, but I’m not sure that bothered me so much. The colors were rich and vibrant. I like the photograph I got in the end. I wish I had that photograph where the water was absolutely still and had a perfect reflection of the palace. That will be difficult capture because that area has a lot of fog and if the weather is clear, that means there is a breeze or it is windy. Maybe one day.

We then set off to see what the moon would look like around the Bay Bridge in the Embarcadero area. Ken found out that 24mm was not quite wide enough and he needed the 16-35mm lens!!! His new camera was performing like a champ. He was really enjoying himself and his new tech. The moon was already high up and much smaller, but gave me the idea that tomorrow might be a good day to photograph because the moon rise will be around 9:10pm, 30 minutes after sunset. Good luck on Friday the 13th?

As we were leaving, Ken showed me a neat picture. It was a tough picture because of the bright light sources. Here it is:

The adventure continues!


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