This one picture of these Pueblo dwellings was on my list of must haves. I didn’t know where it was until Jon, from Seattle, was searching for it. 2years ago, He was on the road looking for it. So, I did my research then. I remember the evening because I just got home from work and I got straight onto my computer. Julie was very mad at me because I was supposed to be playing with the kids instead of interneting. In the end, I helped Jon find it and now more than ever, I wanted that shot.

The place is located west of Blanding, UT. Since we were coming from Page, AZ and the Antelope Slot Canyons, we travelled through Monument Valley and then up Highway 261. This highway had to climb up the side of a cliff to get to the plateau! What a twisty road! The twisty road was just gravel with sharp drop offs to the side of the road. There was room for 2 cars to pass by each other. It was an awesome view! A must for heading to this location.

Since we left Page a little early, we got a chance to scope the house on fire out. I knew sorta where it was located, but we had to make sure. After hiking in the small canyon for about a mile, we found it. It was very cool. We had the place to ourselves. I didn’t bring my tripod with me that evening, as we were just doing test shots and compositions. The real shoot was the next morning (Wednesday, October 23rd). As we were walking out we ran into two others. One was carrying a tripod and one was not. We later found out that one guy was the guide, Bob, his client hired to photograph this place. The client was from Los Angeles and was shooting with a Nikon D800 and the 14-24mm lens.

We started out at 9am. We got there by 930am. Earlier would have been better for this time of year because the sun was sneaking around the House on Fire upper dome area casting a distinct shadow and light line that made photographing from a distance a little challenging. In the end, we had to shoot close to it. It was truly spectacular!


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