Handheld windmills have gotten so much more advanced than what I can remember.

We headed to downtown San Mateo for lunch over the Labor Day weekend. We planned to go to our favorite pizza place. I tried to make a left to park in front of the restaurant, but the city had blocked off the street for some type or festival.

It turns out the mid-autum moon festival was going on. On the corner they had some type of tent selling BBQ and fries. Next to that tent was another one where a vender was selling all kinds of windmills.

There were your traditional ones that come to my mind. They were the star like pattern made of shiny material. Then there were some of these that we bought my son and daughter. They worked very well and they are kinda neat. My wife originally bought a simple one for my daughter, Hayley, but she kept wanting Matthew’s. In the end we bought her a yellow bumble bee windmill.

Of course on the way home, Matthew managed to break a wing off his lady bug. I couldn’t repair it. I tried to look on a San Mateo website for the festival, but couldn’t find a list of venders to try to find them to buy another. They were that neat!

Just sharing! Pictures from my iPhone.

Here is a link to a video of the Lady Bug in action, by Matthew:


~Greg Chong

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