I got up early this morning to head to Haleakala. The plan afterwards was to drive toward the SW and then round the bottom corner and head toward Hana where the Waimoku Falls and the Bamboo Forest were located. I could have drove all the way from Haleakala, toward town, hit the Hana highway and then some more, but decided (and google maps decided) that going from the other way around was less distance and less time. The only draw back was rough roads that people have scared me not to try until today. In the end, it wasn’t that bad and it was a part of Maui that was very isolated, scenic, and beautiful.

I didn’t get all the pictures that I wanted to this morning. I figured out that the last several times I’ve been up to the top, I went to the highest point to watch the sunrise. In the end, I wanted something different. I came across a picture on the internet that I preferred more so than a sunrise picture with the sunrise colors. In the end, I will have to try to go back.

While I was pretty much done taking pictures of the sunrise, this couple next to me were very nice. Then all of a sudden I heard, “I would like to make this more permanent or forever.” I looked to my right and the guy was getting down on one knee and proposing to his girlfriend. They looked very happy together. She bursted into happy tears immediately and was very shocked! The guy had a big smile on his face as she said, “yes!” Phew! I offered to take a few snap shots of them. I asked for her email address and sent them off once I got back to the hotel after a very long day of photoging, hiking, and driving.

The climates ranged from very cold to very hot; desert like conditions at the top of Haleakala to humid rain forest vegetation, bamboo forests, and cool water falls. Amazing!

This is where I should have gone. Next time. Besides the annoying sun flare, the earth looks like it is from another planet. You can see some older cinder cones in the middle. This picture was 4 pictures stitched together with Photoshop. You can see the flares in each frame made it into the final picture.

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