This past Memorial Weekend, I wanted to do some activities for the first few days and then take it easy on Memorial Day.

We took the opportunity to go to Great America in Santa Clara.  The park has definitely changed since I was there last, which could have been back in high school!  Now they have a KidZville and a water park addition, call Boomerang Bay.  We sprung for the 2011 season pass, because we anticipate coming back when it is hot to try the water park and included in the season pass we bought was access to the Gilroy Gardens.

Matthew had such a great time.  Even his sister, Hayley, managed to get a few rides in.  There weren’t too many people there.  The lines for some of the kid rides were very short and Matthew would run out of the ride and run back into line.  He then would be either 1st in line or a few back!

In the end, it was very fun to watch Matthew have so much fun.  Once we got to the car and we were heading home, his sister and him fell asleep just like that!

Enjoy the pictures I managed to get.

~Greg Chong

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