The SF Giants won their last division game last week. What an awesome game that was. If you know me, I don’t watch many games, but that night, I had to watch to see how they were doing.

It was about the 7th inning and those darn Cardinals were up 3 to 2. In the 8th, we tied it with a much needed solo home run. In the bottom of the 9th, good ol’ Ishikawa hit that 3 run homer that sealed the win at 6 to 3! Cardinals go home! What a game. Now on to the World Series against the KC Royals!

The San Francisco city is now lit with Orange colors. The buildings at night are orange! I saw that the SF City Hall was 100% behind the SF Giants and they are lighting the city hall buildings with orange. I snapped this picture in the spirit of the SF Giants as well as I’m trying to collect all the different color schemes the city hall puts on. Here is the pic!:

GO GIANTS! Game one Tomorrow 5ish pm! See you there!