Tamiya’s 2009 BMW M3 GT2 Kit

After building the Neo Scorcher and how cool that one turned out, I wanted to buy an on-road car vs. the off road buggies we’ve purchased in the past. Being a BMW fan, I came across a kit that Tamiya used to make, but no longer.

The BMW M3 race kit was the one I wanted. The original or recent most released kit was based on the TT-01 chassis. My Neo Scorcher was based on the TT-02 kit and wanted to try to keep all the cars the same, including Matthew’s. I did my research and also hoped that the TT-02 kit would work meaning that I can just buy the body of the BMW M3 and fit it over the TT-02 mounting pegs. The BMW shell came without the holes pre-drilled. This meant that I could drill the holes myself where I needed them. Turns out they were in almost if not exactly in the same position as the TT-01 chassis! The wheelbase was another factor and it seems Tamiya makes them all the same: 257mm wheel base. They do make a shorter wheel base for smaller cars like the Golf or the Mini. I then ordered my kit from RC Mart in Hong Kong. Shipping is a bit steep, but it got to my door in 7 days. It arrived on the 24th of December just in time for me to build it and drive it on Christmas Day.

We let the kids open one gift on the 24th and luckily Matthew chose his RC car that we gave him for Christmas. This allowed me to build it for him so he could race his car on Christmas day with the rest of us. We started on his car around 8am and I finished it around 1pm. Meanwhile the USPS guy rang the door bell at 12 noon and my car came. It took me about 4-5 hours to build my car. The instructions for my on road car were slightly different than Matthew’s Dual Ridge off road buggy. The chassis were almost identical, TT-02, but the shocks were a bit different due to off vs on road driving clearance or height. I had to mask out the bumper area of the BMW shell prior to painting it white. Once I did, I painted it white inside. After about an hour I laid down another coat of white. Someone on a message board suggested to follow the white with a layer of silver paint and I did so the black wouldn’t show through. It removed the masking and then proceeded to paint the whole interior black. It turned out awesome! I then put the stickers on Christmas morning and I got the car all done. I also installed the headlight and tail light kit it came with. Very cool.

I found out that because the body covers the wheels unlike the off road kits, the interior of the car gets very dirty as well as the outside. It is a fun car to drive, but needs some improvements such as real oil filled shocks and maybe more grippier tires. In the end it is a lot of fun to drive!

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