San Francisco Exploratorium

We had some free time and it has been awhile since we’ve been to the SF Exploratorium. It turned out the day was nice and clear, but the winds were strong. Therefore, it was freezing outside!

We were one of the first members to enter the Exploratorium. We rushed straight over to the pen tracing area where one can jiggle a platform. You can choose 4 color and a pen will trace out the platforms movements. There were some cool patterns the kids created. I plan to maybe facemount it to acrylic in the near future. The kids had a great time despite the cold weather. Afterwards, we made our way home with the heater turned on high in the car!


  • D800-026834-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026843-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026846-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026849-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026857-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026853-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026859-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026862-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026868-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026876-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026877-SF-Exploratorium
  • D800-026905-SF-Exploratorium

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