Matthew’s Tamiya Dual Ridge

For Christmas 2014, Matthew wished to get into RC cars and I bought him the Tamiya Dual Ridge vehicle based on the TT-02B chassis.

He was allowed to open one gift on the 24th and he chose the right gift. I was able to put it together mostly for him, but he did help me. His attention span was a lot more than I expected, but in the end I finished it off. He does enjoy driving it.

I finally got a chance to take some action and still shots of the car. It has a unique color scheme well different than the silver color the car should have if one were to copy the box picture of the car. I don’t think I would paint anything yellow again, because it turned out to be more yellow-green than true yellow. I put on the set of tires my Neo Scorcher had because he was already wearing out the off road tires it came with. They are the Duratrax Bandito ST tires. The extra set I bought didn’t have enough offset and the front part of the body would catch the tires as the car would make a full turn. I therefore had to order myself a new set. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the extra set of narrow tires. My favorite one is as follows:

Thanks for looking!


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