With some encouraging, we set out to do the 1.5 mile hike to False Kiva. I’ve been here before about 2 years ago. I went twice. Once with Jon and Todd. The second was with Claus F., from Germany.

We parked and set in. Unfortunately, I set in too early. I should have walked back down the road several hundred feet more. When we were hiking, there weren’t that many foot prints. I had a feeling we were on the wrong path. In the end, it was true. I went down the wrong wash. We got to the edge of the cliff and estimated that the kiva was directly below us. We didn’t bring our rappelling gear so we had to hike back out the way we came. We had to get around a hill and into the correct wash. Once we got into the correct wash, we saw lots of foot prints and knew we were on the right path.

As we were hiking, I heard a 2 way radio go off. Then all of the sudden a guy popped out of no where! Surprised us both. We said our hellos. His wife was waiting for him in the car that we saw when we parked. It was a white Toyota Camary with a handicap plate. Later on down the path where we were getting very close to the kiva, we ran into another couple. We conversated a bit while we were resting and catching our breaths.

We finally got into the kiva and what an awesome place. It is so quiet inside, but at the same time voices from the hill tops can echo inside. There was a group of hikers that made it to the cliff’s edge, but for whatever reason they decided not to make it the kiva. The shot is very difficult because the kiva is dark and the view is very bright. The dynamic range was too much for any camera.

The sunset gave us some decent colors in the sky.

A guy, by the name of Harvey M, showed up. He must have shot the sunset for about 5 minutes and then we all decided it was time to head out. It did get dark fast, but we found out way out. We exchanged contact info and then we parted ways.

In the end, we probably hiked 2.5 miles in and 1.5 out. A little bit extra!


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