This blog post is a continuation of my discussion about the factors that motivated me to get into photography and to start my photography website and blog.  There are several factors that influenced my decision to start a photography website as well as a blog that include influential people as well as some recent pictures I am proud of.

My good childhood friend, who I owe a lot and has been a consistent friend even though I didn’t give him a ride home when we were in high school because my parents told me not to drive anyone home, has given me motivation in a different way.  Continuing my high school story, my parents told me to say I was low on gas when someone asked if they can get a ride home.  In reality it was partly true because the 1964 122 s faded red Volvo, that was my dad’s first car, had a hole or a leaky gasket where the fuel line came out of the gas tank.  This fuel line was in the middle of the height of the gas tank.  I could only fill about 5 gallons of gas at a time!  My good childhood friend’s name is Mr. Craig Chinn.  He is the one guy that can take all the credit for introducing my wife, Julie, and I AND we got married!

Craig, with his friend Podium LookIan, started Podium Look.  They sell various biking apparel and biking equipment.  They took their passion for riding and started a small business.  Observing these two business guys start a web business and having a lot of fun doing it, gave me the idea that I can do this too.  Because Craig knew I was getting into photography, he asked me to help him take some pictures of their Podium Look line that has been posted on their website.  What was my payment?  A Podium Look T-Shirt!  Who could pass up a T-Shirt?  I know for a fact that the host for Man vs. Food, Mr. Adam Richman, loves getting T-Shirts when he has defeated FOOD!  It was a great experience doing a little commercial photography and was loads of fun to do.

Another great person that I definitely look up to is Dr. Frank Spear, who is a world renown dental educator.  He is also a passionate photographer.  I’ve been taking some of his seminars and workshops lately to educate myself further and he has added more passion to my love of dentistry.  His partner, Imtiaz Manji gave a very powerful motivational speech at the start of one of the seminars I took back in November 2010.  He talked about having a vision and then taking whatever means necessary to achieve that vision.  If there is no vision, nothing will be done.  I took what he said to heart and developed my vision to achieve my photography website.  Dr. Spear also has a blog on his education website.  His blog has given me some ideas on how to model my blog.  And now, here we are!

Dr. Spear is also an avid photographer who has his own photography website.  Since Dr. Dr. Frank Spear Photographic ArtSpear and I have several similarities, I thought to myself why can’t I also have my own photography website?  He has definitely motivated me to constantly achieve clinical excellence in my dental practice as well as gave me the ideas to start my own photography website.


Snow in LondonBack at the end of November, my family took our annual trip back to London to celebrate the holidays.  We usually go right after Christmas and stay through the new year, but thank goodness we went earlier this year because the whole month of December was very chaotic due to poor weather and snowy conditions in the London area.  Even when we were there, it started to snow and some of the surrounding airports were beginning to shut down.  We almost didn’t get to leave London, which might not be a bad thing.  This also happened to us at the beginning of 2010 when we were trying come home as well.  The snow seems to be coming earlier and earlier each year!  I viewed it as an opportunity to get some pictures that I won’t get the chance again or the opportunity might not arise for a long time.  The above picture almost looks like it is black and white, but if you look closely, there is a little bit of color in the image.

A few days before all the snowy weather, the afternoon sunsets were spectacular.  I was lucky enough to capture the following sunset in downtown London area.  This picture gave me the final push to formulate my vision of starting my photography website, business, and blog.  I am quite proud of this picture.  Of all the pictures I took that afternoon, this picture was the first out of many.  Some times it never fails that the best pictures taken are the ones that weren’t over analyzed.  I mentioned the afternoon; I know the picture is a bit small, but Big Ben is showing about 3:35pm GMT.  If I remember right, it was dark by 4:15pm!  Enjoy!

London Eye Sunset

It has been a lot of fun putting together my photography website, www.gregorychong.com and this blog, www.gregorychong.com/blog.  Thank you to all who have helped me along the way.  Thanks for reading!

-Greg Chong

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