My cousin, Eric, wanted to go shoot the new Eastern Span of the Bay Bridge. He saw someone’s picture that he really liked. It was a good one. The great element about it was the vertical light reflections off the bay from the new Eastern Span’s lights. He wanted to take this picture after the sun had well set.

Instead of wasting what was potentially a good sunset, we decided to shoot one of my most favorite pictures where the SF Skyline is below the old Western Span of the Bay Bridge. I’ve always wanted a panoramic format to add to my collection, but it has eluded me. I’ve tried in the past with my calculations and panoramic equipment, but no go. This time, I took a picture as I normally do and converted it to my panoramic sizing. Even though it was nice and clear that evening, the sunset didn’t produce many intense and long lasting color. The Blue hour was nice, however.

Afterwards, we had to go back to the car. It was now dark out after the sun set. We stopped off the side of the road and took the following picture. We didn’t get the light trails/reflections off the bay water. There was somme construction at the bottom of the tower that had a very bright light that masked the light trails. They say the bridge is safe?! We will have to come back and try again.

Looking across the bay we saw that the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge had some fog covering it, but the tip was poking out. You could see the entire north tower, but there was just this little bit of fog hanging out. I’ve always wanted a picture where the north tower is poking out some really dense fog. This picture eludes me to this day. We decided to make our way over there in hopes to take picture. Unfortunately as we got closer, the fog wasn’t all that and it wasn’t very dense. Before crossing the bridge, we turned off so we didn’t have to commit to an expensive toll.

On the way to the Golden Gate Bridge, we saw that the San Francisco City Hall’s decorative lights were in a colored rainbow pattern. In other words, city hall was celebrating the start of the push to legalize gay marriages, that the former Mayor Gavin Newsom started about 10 years ago. I’ve been wanting to add the various celebratory light patterns of the San Francisco City Hall to my collection. I have the Golden State Warriors blue and yellow. I have the 49ers red and gold. I have the Christmas colors, green and red. The only ones I didn’t have was gay pride colors and the SF Giants’ orange and black. Now I have to get the SF Giants’ team colors. Let’s hope they have a great season this year. As I write this, spring training is going on in Arizona.

Enjoy and thanks for looking!


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