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Welcome! and thank you for taking the time to visit my photography website.

My interest in photography has always been with me throughout my life, but it has became a stronger passion and hobby of mine when my son was born back in 2008.  I jumped head first into the world of photography and bought myself a very good camera.  I later found out that I really enjoy landscape and travel photography the most.  I am mostly self taught and learn from what others wish to share.  I enjoy meeting other passionate photographers from around the world whether I come across them in my home area, while traveling, or online.   I’m always searching for the next cool place to photograph and share the beauty I’m able to capture.

Living close to the San Francisco Bay Area, most of my photography is of the beautiful city.  There are infinite possibilities.  The beauty of San Francisco never ceases to amaze me.  Further abroad offers even more adventure and photographic opportunities to explore and capture.  The outdoors is a great stress relief from my primary passion of dentistry.  Photography and dentistry come hand in hand these days.  It just seems logical to incorporate photography in both my personal life as well as my work life.  My first gallery, if you will, is in my office in San Francisco.  If you are ever nearby, feel free to stop in!

I’m surround by my very loving family, where my wife is very understanding of my photography passion. I have two young children, Matthew and Hayley, whom both have shown an interest in photography already–I think they like to copy their dad. All 4 of us love to take a lot of pictures and I am glad we’ll always have those photographs to look back upon.

Feel free to drop me a line either by email, or by leaving a comment on my photography blog

Thanks once again!

Gregory Chong
San Mateo, California


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