We left Monument Valley on Thursday, October 24th to head to Moab, UT. We stayed at the Inca Inn for a couple of nights, which got very good reviews on TripAdvisor. Basically, it was a 50’s style motel. It was adequate. The only bummer part was there was a double double yellow line painted on the road, which prevented us from making a left from the hotel to head downtown where all the restaurants were located. Eventually, I just made the illegal left turn.

We checked out the Delicate Arch from the Upper view point. We got there a little late for a sunset shot; the lower pressure system that was in Monument Valley was already clouding up the Arches NP and the sunset was not spectacular. From this view, you could see there were a lot of people hanging around up there as well as all over the Delicate Arch. It probably would have been a bust picture taking opportunity because of how many people were there. On our drive out of Arches back to the hotel and then dinner, we stopped by Balance Rock. Here is a sunset glow picture of Balance Rock. Because it was quite overcast in the vicinity of the setting sun, there was just enough clear skies below the clouds to allow just enough last minute light to make the Balance Rock glow. The La Sal Mountains in the back ground already had snow near the mountain tops.

Since our trip was so action packed, we decided to sleep in on Friday, October 25th. The night before, I managed to edit several photos and was happy with what I have captured.

For breakfast the next morning, we ate at Jailhouse. It was a good breakfast. We then got ready to set out. We grabbed sandwiches from the Love Muffin Cafe.

We drove into Arches to view the Windows that Todd has always been bugging me to check out. We then left Arches to head to Dead Horse Point, which is a State Park. It is adjacent to Canyonlands National Park. We took some pictures and made some panoramic pics of the vast landscape. The Colorado River has cut hairpin turns at the base of the canyon. The river was about 1500′ below! The following picture is of the Dead Horse Point:


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